• Designed Right

    Both our exclusives and classic interpretations get full studio attention.

  • Built Strong

    We make luxury liveable. You make yourself comfortable.

  • Made Desirable

    With looks worth a second look, everyone will be looking for these.

Lust and Found

Whether you’re a homeowner, DIYer,
designer, developer, or inspired architect,
you’ve been waiting for the time to shine.

At LeisureMod, that time is right now.

Since 1984, we have worked with designers and homeowners to give permanence to both the lasting looks and impeccable comfort of iconic mid-century pieces.

From the timeless charm of our indoor staples to the progressive quality of our outdoor innovations, each piece is designed to encourage leisure living—an eternal combination of true style, lasting taste, iconic aesthetic, timeless comfort, and an accessible price.

  • Design philosophy

    Forward-looking by looking back

    We serve those who think things are not just things. Our loyalists believe personal spaces tell personal stories. That good furniture speaks to its owner’s values as much as to its maker’s skill. That fine designs deserve to live amongst people of fine taste.
  • As an antidote to throwaway culture, we inspire you to choose what’s timely by being timeless. Like clean lines. Emotive proportions. Intentional colors. The interplay of craftsmanship and comfort. All things that never go out of style.
  • Yet, there is no single, absolute design truth. Classics are guidelines. Sources of inspiration. Creative sparkplugs. From there, form your own ideas of timeless beauty. And create a finely crafted environment that’s true to you.